We provide spine specialized, customized treatments designed to increase strength, restore motion and alleviate pain. Our team addresses your unique concerns and maps out a tailored treatment plan to help improve your quality of motion in your day-to-day experiences.



What makes Trillium Spine Center different from any other clinic you’ve been to in the past?

Trillium is a neurosurgeon-led multidisciplinary spine focused facility, offering highest quality treatment options to alleviate your pain. We offer hands on physical rehabilitation, fluoroscopy guided spinal injections and spinal surgeries.

We have a team-based approach which means each patient will be offered a program of care for effective pain relief through one or more of our therapeutic solutions. Our patients are no longer left to navigate the system on their own to find the best spinal care for their condition..

Do I need a Referral for the Rehabilitation Services (Physio, Chiro, RMT or Acupuncture)?

We don’t need a referral for you to be able to see one of our spine specialized therapists.

However, your insurance company may need a referral from your family physician to reimburse you the fees for our services.

We recommend that you contact your extended health care provider directly, to inquire about the need for referral for your unique coverage.

Do I need a referral for Fluoroscopy guided injections or Neurosurgical consult?

Yes. In order to be booked for a consultation with one of our physician specialists, you must be referred by your physician. The referring physician can find a copy of our new patient referral form on our website. We then evaluate the information on the referral form and will contact you directly to schedule an appointment.

Do you direct bill? What is the payment process like at Trillium Spine Center so I can be prepared?

We do not direct bill in most cases. We request payment after each treatment, and you will be given a receipt that you can provide to your insurance to get reimbursement. However, we will gladly submit your claim through Telus Health for direct deposit into your account if requested, once payment is received.

I have a referral from my GP that has another clinic name on the referral, do I need another referral to see you?

No. You do not require another referral. Patients have the right to choose where they wish to have their treatment performed. Your insurance will still reimburse you for your expenses regardless of the letterhead.

Are all of the practitioners at Trillium Spine Center registered?

Yes. All our practitioners are registered and in good standing with their respective colleges. To maintain the quality of care you receive in our facility, all our practitioners will be on-site and hands-on during your treatments.

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